NEW Costco Desserts: Heart-Shaped Macarons, Triple Chocolate Cream Pie, & More

Head over to Costco to discover a range of delectable new desserts! Known for offering lip-smacking and indulgent treats at unbeatable prices, Costco never fails to surprise with their constantly refreshed dessert menu. Recently, we came across some highly tempting additions that you absolutely cannot overlook!

Perfectly timed for Valentine’s Day, these latest offerings come artistically adorned in chocolate or pink hues – a fitting symbol of love and affection. So, whether you’re looking forward to treating yourself or thinking about a sweet gesture for your loved ones, these desserts are nothing short of a delicious feast for the senses. Start making your list, and don’t forget to check out these wonderful treats on your next Costco run!

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Heart-Shaped Macarons 25-Count
Only $13.69!

These adorable pink and white heart-shaped macarons are filled with vanilla and raspberry filling and make the perfect treat to share with your Valentine!

Hamlet Crispy Belgian Milk Chocolate & Strawberry Thins
Only $11.99!

These limited-edition crunchy chocolate thins are made of a layer of Belgian chocolate with strawberry flavor and crispy bits of puffed rice. Each box includes 4 stacks of 36-thins.

Triple Chocolate Cream Pie
Only $19.99!

Chocolate lovers rejoice – this pie has ALL the chocolate you could ever want! It starts with a butter & graham cracker crust with a layer of chocolate custard, a layer of fudge brownie, and topped with whipped cream and huge chocolate shavings!

Cranberry Almond Bark
Only $9.99!

This Cranberry Almond Bark is broken up into edible pieces and made with a white chocolate base and dark chocolate swirls, with roasted diced almonds and dried cranberries mixed in.

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