New Bath & Body Works Mailer Coupons (FREE Body Care Item, 25% Off Purchase, & More)

Keep an eye on your mailbox for the latest Bath & Body Works mailer! These new coupons are hot off the press, so make sure you’re signed up to receive Bath & Body Works promotional deals and exclusive coupons. If you’ve already signed up, your mailbox should soon contain the latest Bath & Body Works mailer! Our team has received mailers containing three exciting coupons. Remember, these may vary depending on your location and sign up status. Make use of the hyperlinked slugs to quickly navigate through similar and correct texts. Be a step ahead and never miss out on a Bath & Body Works deal!

HIP TIP: If you’re not getting mailers like this, try heading here

and clicking “Mailing Address Add/Update” in the dropdown box. Add your name and mailing address to refresh your info. This got me back on the mailing list when I stopped receiving them for a while!

Signing up for the new rewards program below may also help. My Sidekick, Liza, had not received a flyer in years, but she finally received one again after signing up for My Bath & Body Works!

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