lululemon End of Year Sale | Save Big on Hotty Hot Shorts, Scuba Hoodies, & More!

We’re showcasing the ultimate collection of Lululemon sale items at unbeatable prices! Get your hands on your favourite pieces – Scuba, Wunder, Hotty Hot, and many more, starting at an exciting price of just $39! Please note – this is not real-time information but an example to improve text. Make sure all URL links are hyperlinked to the desired destinations for a smoother navigation experience.

lululemon Scuba Oversized Funnel Neck Half Zip

Only $89 shipped (regularly $118)!

lululemon Scuba Oversized Full-Zip Hoodie

Only $89 shipped (regularly $128)!

⭐️ Over 1,600 5-star ratings!

lululemon Scuba Full-Zip Cropped Hoodie

Only $79 shipped (regularly $118)!

lululemon Scuba Oversized Funnel-Neck Full-Zip Hoodie

Only $99 shipped (regularly $148) – ONLY XS/S SIZES LEFT!

lululemon Fast & Free Lined Shorts

Only $39 shipped (regularly $88)!

lululemon Hotty Hot High-Rise 4″ Lined Shorts

Only $49 shipped (regularly $68)!

⭐️ Over 1,900 5-star ratings!

lululemon Steady State Hoodie

Only $79 shipped (regularly $128)!

lululemon Engineered Warmth Long-Sleeve Crew

Only $79 shipped (regularly $148)!

lululemon Base Pace High-Rise 25″ Tights

As low as $39 shipped (regularly $108)!

lululemon Wunder Train High-Rise 25″ Tights

Only $49 shipped (regularly $118)!

⭐️ Over 4,400 5-star ratings!

lululemon Side-Zip Insulated Hiking Vest

Only $79 shipped (regularly $158)!

lululemon Fleece + Ripstop Hiking Vest

Only $79 shipped (regularly $118)!

lululemon Pack it Down Vest

Only $89 shipped (regularly $148)!

lululemon WunderPuff Super-Cropped Vest

Only $99 shipped (regularly $178+)!

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