Get Ready! New Target Stanley Tumblers, Water Bottles, Coolers & More Drop 3/24

Keep an eye out for the best deals on Stanley cups at Target! Get ready for a fresh splash of new colours headed your way soon! Quickly make your way over to and sneak a peek at our latest collection from Stanley, set to be released on March 24th in select stores and online! There’s no denying the popularity of Stanley Tumblers, and these new additions are bound to be a hit. Don’t miss your chance, head over to []( now!

Stanley 8oz Stainless Steel Pre-Party Flask – Summer Plaid

– $15

Stanley Slim Stainless Steel All-Occasions Can Chiller – Summer Plaid

– $20

Stanley Stainless Steel Happy Hour Cocktail Shaker Set – Sunshine

– $40

Stanley 16oz Stainless Steel Stacking Pint – Amethyst Striped

– $20

Stanley 10oz Stainless Steel Everyday Go Tumbler – Amethyst

– $20

Stanley 64oz Stainless Steel Stay-Chill Pitcher – Frost

– $45

Stanley 20 oz Stainless Steel All Day Slim Bottle – Summer Plaid

– $30

Stanley 40oz Stainless Steel H2.0 FlowState Quencher Tumbler

– $45

Stanley 30oz Stainless Steel IceFlow Flip Straw Tumbler

– $35

Stanley 2-Gallon Adventure Fast Flow Water Jug

– $55

Stanley 16-Quart Plastic Easy-Carry Outdoor Cooler

– $80

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